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Florida Mother Who Was Reported Missing With Her Teenage Daughter Is Dead

The mother and daughter, who recently feared to disappear in Florida, seemed to have voluntarily left, days before the mother died suddenly

As per the reports, Angela Jolly and her 19-year-old daughter Alexis Jolly were last seen at their St. Petersburg home on the night of July 22nd. The mother and daughter planned to fly to Maine last Tuesday to visit the family and explore the possibility of a permanent move. A relative told that he had spoken to Angela in detail about the details of the next trip shortly before Angela and her daughter disappeared.

The mother and daughter left their home in St. Petersburg early Thursday morning and left the state after withdrawing money from their bank account, according to police investigations. The duo brought two dogs with them and reportedly put some luggage in the car, but left their cell phones behind. Angela Jolly did not report the job and call the patients.

The investigators asked the mother and daughter to inform that them that they are safe

Police reportedly tracked the Jolly across Mississippi, where they would have stayed one night; and Memphis, Tennessee, where they were found on Saturday. On Tuesday, the police asked the mother and daughter to contact the authorities to inform them that they were fine, and asked the public to help monitor their movements on Saturday.

The mother died in the hospital

But Wednesday the officers reported that 46-year-old Angela Jolly died in a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska early this morning. Angela’s daughter was reported with her and Alexis Jolly contacted family members to inform them that her mother was dead.

The report does not specify how the mother died, describing it only as a “medical episode” and the police said they did not consider the death suspicious.

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