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Florida Man Arrested For Shooting A Man Multiple Times

A Florida man is booked for shooting another man in the back early Sunday morning, killing him with “excessive force”

Brian Medeiros, 25, was out of Florida law when he killed 19-year-old Devin Pritchett walking away from him.

Judd caught attention after he “dropped some acid” and “got scared,” as Judd said when he left a nearby hotel room where he was staying with several friends.

After leaving the hotel, Pritchett first met a man walking his dog outside the Davenport residence, where the shooting eventually occurred. While still under the influence of narcotics, Pritchett allegedly made “finger guns” and said “pah-pah-bang” to the man who pushed and knocked him to the ground. The man with the dog went up to his third-floor apartment, told the neighbor about the meeting, and called the emergency services. The two then went outside to see where Pritchett had gone.

Medeiros went out and took his gun

According to Judd, Pritchett was on the third floor, apparently following the man with the dog, but the man was lying and behaving strangely.

Medeiros, who lived on the second floor, went out to see what the noise was upstairs. He walked over to his car and grabbed a gun, then went to the third floor, where he found Pritchett on the floor.

When Pritchett hopped up and headed down the stairs, Medeiros followed him, informing the police that the victim had done finger guns again, and said “pah-p-pau” as he approached him. Medeiros shot him, but Pritchett overtook him. Medeiros followed him again, passed his apartment, and then shot Pritchett several times in the back. Officers discovered Pritchett unresponsive on the stairs.


Medeiros is likely to be charged with manslaughter or second-degree murder.

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