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Florida Man Allegedly Beat His Wife And Threw Her In Front Of A Truck, Escaped!

Florida police are looking for a man accused of beating his wife before pushing her into the oncoming lane with a truck

Sources say the alleged incident occurred Thursday morning off Interstate 75 in Pascoe County. The suspect, named James Morgan, 45, is accused of assaulting his wife after a tire exploded on the truck that caused them to stop.

The suspect pulled out the victim and started beating her

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Morgan, who was in the passenger seat, grabbed the wheel of a truck after the explosion, which nearly killed the victim. He then pulled the victim out of the truck by holding her hair and started hitting her in the face, authorities said.

The suspect hit his wife with the head and allegedly pushed her into oncoming traffic along the route of a passing truck. The truck driver turned and let the victim pass.

The suspect escaped from the scene

After that, Morgan fled to the nearest forest. The authorities searched the forest and the surrounding area but could not find it.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Morgan. He is accused of attempted murder. Anyone with information on Morgan’s whereabouts should contact the authorities immediately.

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