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Florida Boy, 1, Dies After Caregiver Left Him In A Hot Car

A toddler boy was discovered unresponsive in a car in Florida

Florida authorities are investigating after a one-year-old boy was found dead in a car on Friday.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office claimed that Jace Leslie was discovered dead in a car parked outside a house in Pine Hills. Authorities said the house where the child was found dead was also used as an informal daycare.

It is reported that, for unknown reasons, the guardian did not take Leslie to kindergarten before going to work. Police said the teacher came to kindergarten to pick up the child but found the dead boy in the rear-facing car seat.

The workers tried to rescue the child from the car

Sources said the asylum workers were seen on the lawn in front of the house trying to resuscitate Leslie at around 3:45 pm. The boy’s mother arrived in about 30 minutes.

According to the reports, police have pointed out that there is no connection between Leslie’s death and the Pine Hills kindergarten.

The reason behind death

According to No Heat Stroke, the baby from Florida became the 22nd baby to die in a hot car this year. In 2019, 52 children died of heatstroke caused by a car.

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