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Filming For Lord Of The Rings Series Will Start Soon

Lord Of The Rings Series

Lord Of The Rings Series Filming got started in early 2024, with Bayona posting a behind the scenes image of a tree. The light from our set accidentally got cast on top of a tree and it made it look like a strange cloud from a Miyazaki film.

Filming has since stopped due to coronavirus. Whether the delay will impact that rumored December 2024 release date remains to be seen. Hopefully, that date is far enough away, meaning the interruption shouldn’t have too much impact.

Releasing Status

According to the sources, the reporter in 2018 of Hollywood The series currently doesn’t have an official premiere date, although Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke told The that the goal was to have it on the platform sometime in 2024. Part of this is driven by the fact that Amazon’s initial deal, which granted them the rights to the series for a price tag of $250 million, also included a stipulation the company must begin production two years after the deal was closed in November 2017.

Of course, any series with this kind of scope is going to take a while to produce hence the 2024 premiere. The first season will have 20 episodes, said Tolkien scholar and series consultant Tom Shippey in an interview with Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft. Amazon, however, has not yet made an official statement regarding the episode count.

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