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Europeans Enjoying Their Lives Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, WHO Warns For Second Wave Of Deadly Virus

Europe’s Rebellion For Deadly Virus

Europe has started rising once again to the occasion and back to their normal lives after lockdown with more stipulations across the countries are declining day by day.  Citizens want to live their normal lives despite warnings of the second wave of coronavirus disease.

One of the highly infected European states- Italy is set to allow bars, cafes, hairdressers, and most other local businesses to reopen from Monday while church services will also be allowed to resume across the country.

Bars Are Open In Italy Despite Strict Orders

Initially, the government had called for bars and cafes to stay shut until at least June 1 but was forced to back down after sedition from regional governors who threatening to begin reopening anyway.

Each section will now set its time limit for the reopening, meaning the plan will vary widely across the country, but several including Sardinia, Veneto, and Calabria have said they will push for a maximum alleviation of steps as soon as possible.

Travel between areas is still not allowed, so Italians face a postcode lottery over which methods their local governments will choose.


Meanwhile, in Spain, more districts are set to join Phase 1 of the reopening, meaning that small businesses can reopen along with the outside seating areas of bars and cafes, with groups of up to 10 people permitted.

Previously, around half the population had been allowed to repose strokes. Now, that will apply to 70 percent of people while measures will also be relieved in the crowded places of Barcelona and Madrid though at a slower speed.

Smaller shops in Madrid will be allowed to reopen without providing an invitation opening from Monday.  Funerals will be allowed with up to 10 people present, and places of worship can reopen but with only one-third of capacity.

Museums and libraries will also be allowed to reopen though all borrowed books will have to be quarantined for 15 days upon return before they can be granted out again.


In France, revelers packed on to beaches for the first weekend after the country’s extraordinary period of restrictions.

Sandy beaches at Lacanau which were closed during control during the Covid-19 outbreak were cheerful once again on Sunday as the country recovers some appearance of normality.


In Greece, sun-seekers moved onto the beach in Alimos, over the weekend as the country begins to open out of the lockdown.

Churches throughout the country have opened their doors to the faithful after two months.

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