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Elizabeth Moss Says She Is On For The Invisible Man 2

Here is all that we know about a sequel of The Invisible Man!

As you all know that before the whole world turned on the industry of entertainment, it was known that The Invisible Man released before it. It even went on to gain excellent reviews from all the viewers as well as the critics.

The film has even received a 90 percent fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes and is considered as one of the nicely received films that have released this year. It is so good to know that even actress Elizabeth Moss has earned some Oscar Buzz for her top-notch performance in the movie.

Elizabeth Moss says a sequel for The Invisible Man is the fans’ call!

Well, the film garnered over 124 million US dollars on a budget of just 7 million US dollars and is a success for Universal Pictures as well as Blumhouse Productions. And this is precisely why talk about the potential sequel was bound to happen, and then actress Elizabeth Moss trusts that a new film all comes down to the will of the fans for one.

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A news media outlet called Bloody Disgusting arranged an interview with the legendary actress Elizabeth Moss, and then, she put forward her desire for a potential sequel. But she wants this to be the call by fans and said that if people want it and it is the kind of a significant role of everything that we need to do it. Moss asks all the fans to put a word out there about a sequel, and then she is going to help everyone on it.

Here is how The Invisible Man was received by all the people!

Some people have even gone to an extent to say that so far, The Invisible Man is the best film that they have seen in 2024. They know that it is because the film is running low because of the pandemic, which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus. However, even if the year we’re going on with zero interruptions, this film by Universal and Blumhouse would still prove to be at the top of the grossing list.

The Invisible Man could be considered as a fantastic film by director Leigh Whanenell who did not just reboot the classic old tale but also put on a very modern twist to it.

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