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Elite Season 3 On Netflix? 5 Crucial Things To Know

For season 3, Netflix renewed Elite, but when can viewers expect the show to come back? Created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, the first two seasons of the Spanish drama series have been popular among subscribers as well as receiving critical reviews.

Elite takes place at Las Encinas, a Spanish prep school. New arrivals lead to conflicts between privileged teenagers and students of modest origins in each of the first two seasons.

Season 2 ends with everyone struggling to stay a step ahead. Some are confronted by inflammatory images, while others carry out a mission secretly that leads potentially to a confession of murder. Just as the students of Las Encinas seem to be visible, a peer arrives from the not-so-distant past to ensure more future drama. Here’s what you can expect from Elite Season 3 should.

#1. Renewal

On 30 August the third season, a week before Netflix released Elite season 2-a sign of good faith given the positive reactions so far. Elite now has a 91% Rotten Tomatoes score, along with a 90% public score, so there’s a big appetite for the third season.

#2. Release Date

In October 2018 and September 2019, Elite’s first two seasons were released, so we can expect to see Season 3 premiere around August-September 2024. Since Netflix ordered Elite Season 3 before the latest episodes, the production planning for the next round can even be advanced somewhat. We can expect that Elite Season 3 will premiere by autumn 2024, but new episodes might be released even sooner–perhaps in mid- to late summer.

#3. Story Details

Elite season 2 builds towards Polo (Alvaro Rico) publicly identified as a suspect murderer. To Las Encinas ‘ shock, he goes to school due to the lack of physical evidence. In season 3 of Elite, the main story is probably based on a trophy-turned-weapon.

Polo’s former girlfriend, Carla Rosón, could be the wildcard for Season 3 of Elite. She has crucial information about a past murder so that she could be the next person, so to speak, to leave the building in Las Encinas. Given the popularity of Exposito, it makes sense to be the breakout star for Season 3 of Elite.

#4. Cast

It will give the audience a glimpse at many familiar faces: Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Christian (Jaime Lorente Lopez), Nano (Jaime Lorente Lopez), Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau), Lu (Danna Paola), Nadia (Mina El Hammani).

They will return together with new cast members for the third season: Cayetana (Georgina Amoros), Rebeca (Claudia Salas), and Valerio (Jorge Lopez).

And that recent clip by Expósito from the Instagram account of Élite also showed two new cast members in season 3. The newcomers Leiti J. Sene and Sergio Momo, will play Yeray and Malick characters. Sene was born in Barcelona and had little previous experience in acting. Catch Momo’s peek into the Netflix film The Neighbor.

No word yet on who the characters are and how their appearance in Las Encinas will change the dynamics with the rest of the students, but we expect they will be new students in Las Encinas who are going to shake things up.

#5. Trailer

There’s still no trailer, but we’ll certainly keep you posted, as the social media show both Netflix and cast love.

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