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Elite: Season 3! Everything We Know About The New Season

Following the hit of the second season, Netflix has authenticated that Elite will come back for Season 3. The official Elite Instagram account lately posted a video of Ester Expósito too.

It is expected that all cast of The Elite would appear in it. And we will see some new faces as well. The second season of the show premiered on September 6, 2019. So if the series reflects the tradition, we might watch the third season in September 2024.

Here are some speculations about the third season of the show what we can expect from the upcoming season. This is totally based on what we’ve watched in season 2. Let’s talk about the release date, cast and plot.

Release Date Of Season 3

No confirmation over the release date of season 3 of Élite. But Ester Expósito, who represents Carla, lately shared on Élite‘s official Instagram account that season 3 will release in 2024.

Season 2 release on September 6 in 2019. So if the series follows its regular schedule, we might watch season 3 in September 2024.

Expected Cast Of Season 3 

Samuel will play by Itzan Escamilla, Christian will play by Miguel Herrán, Nano will play by Jaime Lorente Lopez, Guzmán will play by Miguel Bernardeau, Lu will play by Danna Paola, Nadia will play by Mina El Hammani, Carla will play by Ester Expósito, Polo will play by Álvaro Rico, Ander will play by Arón Piper, and Omar will play by Omar Ayuso in season 3.

We will see some newcomers in season 3 too. This will add Cayetana (Georgina Amoros), Rebeca (Claudia Salas), and Valerio (Jorge Lopez). Newcomers Leïti J. Sene and Sergio Momo will be performing newcomers Yeray and Malick.

Expected Plot Of Season 3

Still, Netflix has not approved the plot. In the third season, there will apparently be a problem for Polo (Álvaro Rico), who was shown back in school in the ending times of the denouement, despite being caught for the killing of Marina (María Pedraza).

As Guzmán consumed most of Season 2 on the warpath over anyone, he even considered he could have something to do with his sister’s demise. The two will apparently have a major Season 3 meeting.

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