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El Camino: Is A Sequel Possible In Near Future?

Breaking Bad is one of the best shows with the most outstanding ratings. The show never neglected to amaze the crowd with its storyline and never got redirected with the issues occurring in the story. This makes the show more erratic, and the fans loved the show and gave a good response to it.

El Camino Storyline

Fans who have watched the show know that the story closes six years back and afterward blasts a component film that occurred for the sake of the show. El Camino rotates around the post events of Breaking after Jesse’s run and his endeavors to collect the money and hide it.

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The show took us the world of fond memories of Walter White and Jesse’s bond as they included together for two minutes; that grouping was truly passionate for the fans. Presently fans are asking for the sequel of El Camino, and we have discussed the possibility of it.

Know About The Possibility Of El Camino Sequel

We discuss the sequel of El Camino, and its future is unsure, and it could be occurring or precluded in any case. In any case, the most likely choice for El Camino isn’t having its sequel; as there isn’t anything left to the story, we know Jesse Pinkman is alive; however, he previously crossed all the points to get his opportunity, so he won’t try it again.

Will The Sequel Really Happen

Considering its story, there is not much left for the second part; however, we can’t get into the writer and didn’t know what might occur. Be that as it may, as the greater part of the chances, we preclude the chance of the sequel, and the most extreme explanation is the plotline of the flick.

Each fan is waiting for the sequel part; however we are sorry to state that it can’t occur as the first part showed up following six years of series end. In any case, there are very few theories concerning the sequel, and producers likewise implied that the second part could occur.

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