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Devil May Cry TV Series: What Could We Expect After Netflix Acquisition

Devil May Cry is a popular game series and its characters are up to the mark which makes the series more authentic and exciting. However, the game series comprises six editions and heading to its seventh one, but that’s not our concern as we are counting on an animated series of the game adaption.

Devil May Cry already had an animated series but lack of episodes and the proper plot makes it vulnerable in terms of comparison with the game. But according to some speculations, it is revealed that Netflix is up for grabs to produce an animated title of Devil May Cry.

The executive producer of Castlevania Adi Shankar asserted some facts about the possibility of the Devil May Cry series.

Adi Shankar Statements

He stated that the project is under development and they already acquired the rights so Hollywood won’t make a move. He also clears the air about the multiverse as he potentially signaled to merge Castlevania and Devil May Cry and trying to make a worthy crossover.

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Expected Release Date

The current scenario of the release is simple as that the project is seriously considered and soon the production phases will commence. However, Covid-19 acting as a huge barrier in production, and thus there was no progress recorded for Devil May Cry Series.

So considering all the factors, it concluded that the series won’t release before 2024.


We can’t predict the storyline, but it would be better for the series if the plot will revolve around the origin of the Sparda family. The feud between twin brothers Dante and Vergil is still a mystery and there were already several speculations regarding it. Some claim that Eva saved Dante but failed to Vergil and so he wants to avenge the antics, but still the theory is going on.

So we are counting on an earlier version of the story which even gamers didn’t aware of. It would be better for both those who didn’t know a single thing about the series and those who are familiar with it through the gaming universe.

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