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Derek Hough Added To The Cast Of High School Musical Season 2!!!

Derek Hough Added To The Cast Of High School Musical Season 2:

Disney + series High School Musical: The Musical, The Series has expanded its cast with the judge of World of Dance and the champion of Dancing with the Stars, Derek Hough. Hough is ready for a recurring role in the upcoming season series starring Zack, Miss Jenn’s ex-boyfriend Kate Reinders. The series, which takes place in the same school as the original high school musical set in the fictional version of East High School, is currently in production in its second season. According to Sources, Zack of Hough’s is described as a charming, but shy actor, who returns to teach drama, not in East High but his biggest rival: North High.

Is Derek Hough added to the cast, and Who all are the including casts for High School Musical Season 2?

High School Musical: The Musical: the second season of the series, Miss Jenn’s Students will see Beauty and the Beast as the music this year, something that was announced in February. In addition to Hough joining the cast as a recurring role, Joe Serafini has been updated to the regular state of the series for season 2, with the returning stars Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, Dara Renee, Frankie Rodriguez, Mark St. Cryer, Matt Cornett, Sofia Wylie, Kate Reindeers Larry Saperstein, and Julia Lester.

Executive producer Tim Ferrell said: “The enthusiasm of love and support for the first season has been incredibly exciting, and I am delighted that the Wildcats are presenting Beauty and the Beast in the second season.” “Will I achieve the future? Dream and, perhaps most importantly, are the dancing thorns.”

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