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Deaf U: Another Docu-Drama On The Cards

This year, the streaming giant Netflix has been adding several educational documentary series and films on its platform for its subscribers. Next month the broadcasting giant is planning on launching another documentary series. Deaf U, the documentary series, will make its debut on Netflix soon. Here is everything we know about the upcoming documentary series, Deaf U, on the broadcasting giant’s platform.

Deaf U: When Is The Documentary Series Making Its Debut On The Broadcasting Giant’s Platform?

The new documentary series, Deaf U, will arrive on the broadcasting giant’s platform in October this year. The fans and followers of documentary series on Netflix need not wait much longer to watch the upcoming docu-series on the broadcasting giant’s platform. Deaf U will be available on Netflix from October 9.

Deaf U: What Is The Documentary Series All About?

The upcoming documentary series will take the viewers to Gallaudet University. Gallaudet University is a private college where the students who are deaf and hard of hearing attend classes. Nyle DiMarco is the producer of the documentary series. Through Deaf U, Nyle DiMarco wants the world to see the deaf people as humans. Nyle DiMarco is deaf himself, and he has attended Gallaudet University.

Through Deaf U, the audience will be able to see the lives of the students at Gallaudet University. The private college is located in Washington DC.

Nyle DiMarco Says the Point of 'Deaf U' Docuseries Is to 'Show Deaf People Are Human' |


Deaf U: Nyle DiMarco On The Upcoming Documentary Series

Nyle DiMarco recently spoke about the upcoming documentary series. He said that there is no right way to being deaf. After attending classes at Gallaudet University, DiMarco wanted to illustrate the diversity and layers of the deaf community to the people. He wants the audience to see that people with hearing disabilities have the same feeling as anyone else.

Deaf U: Who Will Be A Part Of The Cast Of The Upcoming Documentary Series?

The upcoming documentary series on Netflix will have a few students of Gallaudet University in it. Students Daequan Taylor, Cheyanna Clearbrook, Renate Rose, and Rodney Buford are a part of Deaf U.

Deaf U will make its debut on Netflix on October 9.

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