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Dead To Me Season 3: Potential Third Season Speculations

The Netflix dark comedy series Dead To Me returned with a second season and it was all about the drama that followers! The two leading ladies were back again and tried to hide what apparently looked like a murder! Let us take a look at the possibilities of a third season of the series!

Is Dark Comedy Series Dead To Me Coming Back For Season 3? Here’s What We Know.

After how the second season left off things with a few cliffhangers behind, fans are pretty much hoping that a third season is surely on the way! Even the showrunner Liz Feldman is also quite hopeful and has talked about it in an exclusive interview saying that her fingers are crossed, she is really looking forward to telling more stories about Jen and Judy!

Showrunner Liz Feldman Is Hopeful And Deliberately Kept A Huge Cliffhanger!

When asked about the shocking cliffhanger at the end of the second season, Liz said that while a lot of them asked her not to give a cliffhanger behind, she had to go for it and this will give the streaming service no choice but to renew for season 3! So, we hope the two leading ladies are soon back for some more craziness in the way!

The third season will surely be coming back with a whole set of twists and turns, we will also get to see how Charlie reacts after discovering more about Jen and Judy’s activities more than he was supposed to know! Jen was also pretty injured and not in a proper physical state by the end of the second season. So, we will get to that in season 3 as well.

How Will Jen Survive The Pretty Serious Injury At The End Of Season 2?

While what seems to be a close save for the two leading ladies in the series was not really what might be the case in the third season as well, the blood-filled craziness is not all gone yet and we are keeping our fingers crossed for yet another the season soon enough! This time who is going to be dead in the series?

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