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DC Canceled Some Of Upcoming Movies Including Suicide Squad And Hawkman

DC Comics’ attempt to simplify its comic book list is perfectly clear, and while some titles like Aquaman still keep their fortunes up in the air, hopefully, fewer books will hit the shelves as DC reconsiders its publishing strategy. it is.

Some Of Movies Which Going To be Cancelled

Outlaw, Batman and the Outsiders, Justice League Odyssey and more, with November 2024 listed as Hawkman, Hellblazer, Teen Titans, Young Justice. It is attached to. Suicide Squad on that list, while Aquaman stays in the air. What is not appropriate for that character. These books coincide with the cancellations of Batgirl, Batman and the Outsiders, and Justice League Odyssey, along with the predicted effects of The Batman’s Grave and Metal Men.

Some will see this as a sign of the recently announced Ferringes at DC Comics, who saw almost all of their main figures, although they do carry them in mid-November with a 90-day notice. This is not true, these cancellations would have been fixed long ago. But it can’t really help which new titles were to move or replace the new titles by the end of 2024 as originally planned.

Has DC film universe finally figured it out? | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

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Aquaman Will Cancelled Or Not?

Of all the titles listed above, Aquaman has an ending NUMBER in November 2024 that differs from Aquaman in that it only talks about one end. However, writer Kelly Soo Deconic has confirmed that no creative team will take over the series for the next month and this is her final issue of the series.

But all of this news is likely to shine through at the next DC Fandom event. Many of those panels would have been prerecorded and I know that many of the planned panels have been removed as they focused on one employee, who was laid off this week …

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