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Dark: Will Season 3 The End? Season 4 Plans Revealed On Netflix

Fans are pretty much hooked to the complicated yet interesting German series Dark. The show has managed to gain a huge fanbase for itself despite having a rather unique plot. The third season is all set to make air on Netflix, and we might have some interesting details about it.

Is Season 3 The End For German Sci-Fi Thriller Dark?

The season three official trailer is here and let’s just say that things have become quite complicated as we are all in the dangerous time-traveling ride of the story. However, fans might be sad to know that while the third season is almost here this might be the last of it!

The Trailer For The Last Cycle Is Here! Have A Look.

The show’s both the creators and showrunners Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar has announced with a heavy heart that the third season will be in fact the final season of the German sci-fi series. So, have a look at the mind-boggling trailer that paves the path for the story to tease your brain for the last time. Have a look. The last cycle is here and it is more than you can expect!