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Dark Desire: What Is Known About Season 2? Official Updates

Dark Desire Season 1 ending this way gives fans an expectation that the show will have Season 2. Learn more about Season 2. The series premiered on July 15 of this year. This is a show in Spanish, which most of us watch twice a day. It has 18 episodes and most of us completed it on stage, a spectacular achievement. The show covers you and 365 days.

We obsessively complete 18 episodes of this show in just one day. And we’re not the only ones because the show was trending on Netflix chat shortly after its launch. We can also give COVID-19 some credit due to the prevalence of Dark Desire. There are several romantic attempts between Leonardo (Alma’s husband), Brenda Alma’s best friend, Esteban Leonardo’s brother, and Alma herself. As a result of which Brenda dies.

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Dark Desire season 2 trailer and update

The official trailer Dark Desire season 2 has yet to be released, and the next season is expected to release a month before the release date. Until then, you can see the preview of season 1. It has already crossed 2 million times. You can see here preview below.

There are no updates on whether or not there will be a season 2, but the crowd has preferred black erotic love, and fans are looking forward to the next season. Season 2 has a story to follow that will also address Brenda’s death. We will have to wait for the rating renewal, and even as season 2 is planned, there will be no cinematic activities to consider in late 2024. As long as we get information, we will update you guys here.