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Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Expected Arrival and Other Details

Cyberpunk 2077 was in many controversies due to its strings of delays and gamers were desperately waiting for it to arrive. But the game had a history of delays and fans can’t cope with the fact but now it’s all set for CD Projekt Red as the game finally hits on desired platforms. But that’s not the deal anymore as a potential TV series would be on its way and Netflix holds the rights to take series on board.

Netflix confirmed through its twitter handle with an indicated release date and the title of the upcoming series. After the series is confirmed there could be a double bonanza for the fans as they will be already pretty familiar with the plot if the series tends to have the same storyline.

Expected Release Date

It’s confirmed that the series won’t arrive before 2024 but still, that part is much debate as there is no official confirmation of the exact release date. However, there will be assumptions and they could be backfired the moment when the actual release date will be made public by Netflix itself.

There is no official trailer for the series as Netflix just confirmed the series for the production and these phases will take place after restrictions put to ease.