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Cuties: Netflix Issues Apology Over The Movie

Netflix apologized after releasing a poster that sexually abuses girls in the French film Cuties. Cuties is a coming-of-age story that follows the life of Amy, an 11-year-old girl from Senegal who joins a dance group of girls. The poster was in direct conflict with the message of the film, but many online did not understand that the poster was considered representative of the film.

Initially, instead of disagreeing with Netflix, he accused Cuties filmmaker Maounmouna Doucouré of sexually abusing girls. Cutie’s stories are used to criticize underage girls in society and often encourage them to grow up fast. When the public saw how the Netflix poster of the film sexually abused the girls who appeared in it, they were outraged.

Netflix Issues Apology Over The Movie?

According to Deadline, film critics welcomed the coming-of-age film for dealing with sensitive issues, praising Dakour for openly criticizing the plot to confront young women for overtly sexual relationships on social The controversial Netflix poster for the film featured four girls in tight clothing as they revealed the group’s costumes, featuring rather suggestive dances. The images prompted critics to launch an online petition to remove the film from Netflix. As of Thursday afternoon, more than 40,000 people have signed up.

Other Updates?

Despite the request, Netflix has not canceled the release of Katies and it is still a Wednesday in September. There are plans to follow. It unleashed a crowd of people who called it a hate movie that negatively affects children and is for the enjoyment of pedophiles. The fact that this audience disappears shows how marketing can affect a person’s perception of a movie, as this is not the case with Cuties.

With viewers, who can be seduced by its various marketing strategies, it is clear that Netflix will have to be more careful about how movies and TV shows are represented in the future. Based on the original Cuties marketing campaign, it seems as if the Netflix marketing team hasn’t even seen the movie. The streaming giant is expected to not make another mistake as it did with the Cuties in the future, respectively.

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