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Crushed Velvet Curtains Have Been Our Ultimate Crush?

Crushed velvet curtains have always been trending because they create the bold and most dramatic look. Crushed velvet curtains have been used everywhere from offices to bedrooms and from sunrooms to drawing rooms, they are the ultimate crush of everyone. The crushed velvet curtains refer to a type of velvet curtain having an irregular pattern in different dimensions.

If you run your hand on these curtains you can feel these patterns, and these patterns appear in different colors when they reflect light. Crushed velvet curtains are extensively used because of their following features;

  • They transform the look of your place and make it modern and bolder. Crushed velvet curtains are energy efficient, they act as insulators and maintain the temperature of your place. They also act as heavyweight thermal curtains. Lined crushed velvet curtains create an effect of fullness and boldness. Crushed velvet curtains fit well into any interior and make the interior vibrant and extravagant & look decent, lavishing and adorable. The crushed velvet curtains can combine with any material, pattern or design to create a more vivid look. The best thing about crushed velvet curtains is that they simply change the look of your place and do not need any embellishments & are easy to hang and maintain.
  • Crushed velvet curtains are durable you can buy from imperialrooms They provide a wide range of selection. These curtains come in many colors, designs and styles so you can choose any of them according to your choice. To get the best result it is necessary to combine the curtains with the interior of the room. You can combine the curtains with furniture, wall paint, hangings and carpets. The crushed velvet curtains are available both online and in markets, readymade of custom made & custom made curtains are best to get the maximum benefit.

Things to consider before buying the crushed velvet curtains;

If you are thinking about adding crushed velvet curtains in your interior, just go for them because they are in trend and look beautiful. But before buying they consider a few things in order to create a perfect and adorable look. Go for thick fabric material if you do not want the lined curtains. If you want the morning light not to get in add lining to your velvet curtains, it’ll stop all the light from getting in providing you the perfect blackout. Crushed velvet curtains are ideal for bedrooms, drawing rooms and TV lounges, and not suitable for the kitchen and sunrooms.

When hanging the crushed velvet curtains, go for bigger and wider ones. They look bolder and rich. Velvet is a luxurious fabric material and when they are hung correctly they give a totally new look to your room. To dress your wall and windows properly you should hang these crushed velvet curtains from the ceiling straight toward the floor. Always hang the crushed velvet curtains high above your window, do not hang them in the window panel or they will look bad and will make your window appear smaller.  Always match the curtains with your interior, if your room is full of furniture and other decoration stuff, go for light and solid colored curtains to balance the colors. On the other hand if your room is quite big and has a neutral shade always go for darker and patterned crushed velvet curtains.

Washing and cleaning of crushed velvet curtains

  • Velvet is a bit tricky to wash and handle and when you have the crushed velvet curtains it makes the cleaning tougher. Dark colored crushed velvet curtains show debris and dirt easily therefore clean the crushed velvet curtains daily with a soft velvet brush. Brush in the direction of dust, dab and pat the curtains to remove the dust.
  • If you have any stain that does not go with a brush, clean that place with a mild detergent and cold water, do not wash the velvet curtains with hot or warm water, because the hot wear will damage the texture of the curtains and will make it look rough and old.
  • Prefer air drying the velvet curtains to avoid any wrinkles but you are using any drying machine, always take the curtains out of the machine as soon as it stops.

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