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Cowboy Bebop Live Action: When Will It Release? Here’s What We Know

So get ready to get a live-action web series of the super hit animated dramedy titled Cowboy Bebop. And who is going to bring this for us? It is none other than the leading online streaming platform Netflix who announced that the anime web series is being adapted into a live-action one whose shooting also began last year. Yay! That is what serves as good news indeed.

Production Details Of Cowboy Bebop Live Action

However, the shooting was then put on hold after its lead protagonist got himself injured, thereby putting him to bed rest for months. And then when the makers wanted to resume filming, what’s next was store for them was the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak. Phewww!

Expected Release Date Of Cowboy Bebop Live Action

Since then, there has been nothing but a delay since the movie was scheduled to get a release this year. However, slowly and steadily, many filmmakers have resumed filming, taking necessary precautions, and the same was informed by the makers who showed definite signs to begin filming it again. But this pushes the release time to next year because there are still months left to produce a science fiction drama.

Cowboy Bebop
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The Storyline Of Cowboy Bebop Live Action

The story focuses on the future when Earth has become inhabitable, and the people have colonized all other planets in the solar system. However, we know how humans are, and there exists a group of hunters who are basically like cowboys who travel through their spaceship named Bebop to find out the wrongdoers and criminals.

The anime is a Japanese one and was a hit there and still loved by the fans. Now Netflix is turning it into a live-action web drama to create a better impact using technology.

Star Cast In Cowboy Bebop Live Action

The show stars;

  • John Cho,
  • Mustafa Shakir,
  • Daniella Pineda,
  • Alex Hassell, and other artists who are yet to be disclosed.

We will keep you posted continuously till the time you can watch the anime version and enjoy it.

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