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Coronavirus: People Who Tested Positive For Second Time May Not Be Infectious

Second Wave Of Coronavirus

However, some nations are re-opening even amid the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, experts are warning everyone of the expected second wave of the virus, and it does seem to be following with countries that re-opened too soon, such as China and South Korea.

Experts have reason to consider those who tested positive to COVID-19 again are non-infectious.

Recovered People Tested Positive Again

Within the increment of new cases of COVID-19 emerging, it seems as some recovered patients in South Korea tested positive for the second time.

However, this news acted as a fire among the people and terrified them again, but it now seems like those who tested positive for a second time can relax as some experts say they may not be contagious.

In a report by Bloomberg, scientists from the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are finding proof that patients who tested positive once more for the COVID-19 aren’t capable of transmitting the virus, unlike the first time they were infected.

In addition, the researchers have also found that they are producing antibodies that could prevent them from falling ill from the SARS-CoV-2 or the novel coronavirus.

Non-Infectious- Non-Transmittable 

The result came after the South Korean researchers studied 285 patients that were re-infected from the virus as they tested positive again despite previous negative results, which means they should have recovered.

Coronavirus Immunity

Also, the new rules regarding them state that there will be no need for additional tests after a patient has been discharged from isolation.

This could be good news for countries hoping to re-open after their attempt at smoothing the curve.

It could also help with antibody discussions as some experts are looking for pieces of evidence that immunity is possible with the formation of COVID-19 antibodies, which are found in recovered patients.

Source: Tech Times

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