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Convicted Pedophile Who Was Filmed Punching Elderly Woman Has Over 100 Arrests

A new based man was captured shoving an elderly woman:

A New York man – a convicted physical molestation offender with at least 100 arrests – was reportedly filmed Friday while pushing an elderly woman, causing her head to fall into a fire hydrant.

On Tuesday, Rashid Brimmage, 31, was arrested on charges of assaulting a 92-year-old woman in Manhattan. Authorities reported that anonymous tipping led to the identification and arrest of Brimmage.

What did the CCTV footage reveal?

The video shows that the victim goes when Brimmage comes from the opposite side and pushes her. The woman starred, falling to the floor and hitting her head on a fire hydrant. The suspect, who took nothing, noticed and looked at the fallen woman before fleeing.

Officers reported that the victim, who wished to remain anonymous, was heading to the store when Brimmage attacked her.

The suspect is a criminal with 100 arrests:

A senior law enforcement official said Brimmage is a repeat offender with at least 100 arrests. The official said Brimmage received a ticket for his latest arrest as a result of buffalo reforms.

History of his repeated crimes:

In March, Brimmage was arrested for assaulting a man during an accidental attack on a pizzeria in Manhattan. Weeks earlier, he reportedly attacked a woman at Dunkin ‘Donuts in the Bronx.

According to, Brimmage is a repeat molestation offender. He is also reported as a suspect in a Feb. 19 robbery where a woman stole $ 120 from her bag on a train.

A senior official told the news that they were afraid that Brimmage would be released again. Meanwhile, the elderly victim of an attack told the New York Post that she was recovering from her injuries.

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