Constantine: Will We Get A Season 2 Of DC Series? Know Here!

Constantine has failed to do a much bigger role on the TV and so NBC canceled the show just after season one, however, fans are still asking the makers to give the show a second chance which could mean that NBC may come back with season 2 of Constantine.

Constantine revolves around John Constantine who evolved into the most beloved magician in the DC Universe, season one premiered back in 2014, let us see all the news we have about Constantine season 2.

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Constantine was canceled by NBC due to the poor ratings and viewership the show was set to air at 10 pm which meant that the young viewers of the show were very less, even though the show was popular on DVD it was not enough for NBC, and the show was canceled shortly after that in 2015.

Many fans believe that this is not the end of Constantine and we might see a silver lining after all.


This might come as a surprise but Constantine was actually revived by Arrowverse in season 4, this not only opened up a one-shot door for John Constantine but he was seen in a lot of scenes afterward.

Not only this he also appeared on two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, but he has also been denoted as a series regular for Arrowverse, and fans are thrilled to see him there.


Fans are really hoping for a Constantine season 2 on CW but well that seems like a far fetched dream, CW has already announced their upcoming shows for 2024 and 2024 and Constantine has not made it to the list, however, fans must not be disheartened by this we can still hope than one day Constantine is picked up again by CW.

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We will keep fans updated on the latest news about Constantine season 2 until then continue reading with us!

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