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Close Enough: HBO Max Dropped New Trailer For The Adult Animated Series

Ever since HBO Max premiered they have been trying to come up with quality content for their viewers and if you already have HBO Max then you know what shows we are talking about, HBO Max has recently added Close Enough into their streaming device and fans are excited.

JG Quintel's Adult Toon 'Close Enough' Coming to HBO Max ...
Source Animation Magazine


J.G. Quintel’s Close Enough has come up with another trailer for the show and we are excited to be sharing this news with you all, the show is all ready to get a premier next month and fans are getting excited for the same.

The new trailer digs deep into the show and gives us a glimpse of what fans can expect from the upcoming show, this is an adult animated series much like Rick and Morty or like Big Mouth fans can expect a blast of comedy.

This trailer shows us a great insight into the married couple Josh and Emily’s life and into their daughters Candice’s life and how can we forget their divorced friends Alex and Bridgette.

Here is the trailer for all the fans that might have missed it!