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Chinese Doctors Claims Coronavirus Treatment Without A Vaccine

Impact Of Coronavirus 

However, the Coronavirus Pandemic hitting hard the globe, and it almost made people thrive to survive without being outside. So it is evident that people can’t be caged for more than usual. Amid this crisis, people desperately need a cure for the disease. Scientists and Researchers around the planet are working on various vaccine applicants right at this very moment, but vaccine progress is often a slow and difficult process.

Chinese Claims

Now, a Chinese lab says it has developed a medication that may stop the virus in its tracks without the need for a vaccine. It’s currently being tested at Peking University, and if it proves to be safe and efficient, so people can wait for a vaccine to feel a bit more reliable in the middle of the deadly virus.

Thus far, the medication has only been examined on animals, and more specifically, mice. However, results from those early trials appear encouraging. Sunny Xie, director of Peking University’s Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics, explained that the treatment dramatically decreased the viral load in the mice.

What is Viral Load?

The viral load is a range of the amount of the virus in the body. The neutralizing antibodies that the researchers injected into the mice cut the viral load by a factor of 2,500. Useless to say, that’s a considerable reduction in the amount of virus in the body and could have a stimulating effect on health issues if the same proves to be true for humans.

Antibodies- Hope For Cure

The researchers believe that these antibodies can be used to develop a medication that will fight off current coronavirus infections while the world calmly waits for a vaccine to be developed, tested, and issued.

Source: BGR

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