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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 3: 5 Fan Theories That Make The Upcoming Season More Exciting

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3; Five Fan Theories!!

We didn’t have to wait long for a new episode of Sabrina’s chilling adventures. The first and second parts were separated by only a few months, and Christmas also had to face ants in case they had a particular sandwich between them. Now that we stand firm in the middle of interstate commerce towards Part 3, all we have to maintain is that the fan theory of the adventures of Sabrina Part 3. Until we know for sure what will happen to the loading club, this is the best guess on the Internet.

That Riverdale Crossing  Lastly  Happens!!

Roberto Aguirre-Saikasa wants a cross between Riverdale and Chilling Adventures, so it will finally happen. The series is minutes away from each other in Canada, but because Chilling Adventures ended up on Netflix instead of The CW, it would be a bit difficult to bring together our two favorite shows. Styles Coster is pretty sure Betty’s mother is a witch, and they think that Harvey’s copy with Archie on display is an Easter egg before the show.

We’ll see the rise of Lilith’s church!!

This theory comes from our friends in screen rental. With the departure of Father Blackwood and his patriarchal government, witches will be able to rebuild the Church of the Night in whatever way they see fit. Aunt Zelda is now the High Priestess, the first of the congregation, which means she can make this new trip to the church a company of feminine power.


The chilling adventures continued in this season, according to Catholicism, so it would never be a surprise for our young heroine to dive deeply into religious traditions that could kill the Dark Lord once and for all. Still, some Redditors think that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer is sour will go and kill the spear Nick, while the Devil somehow escapes.

HILDA’s box meaning has become so large

Redditor Surprise Sabbeth believes it maybe Pandora’s Box and gave it to Hilda to force her to heal since Satan himself could not do it. Even if she is not giving their answer to Pandora, the story received enough time in the air to look like it could cause more trouble than she expected, and that would make they’ve come back.


Elite Daily feels that, of course, Part 3 will be primarily in Hell, with Sabrina and her Scooby Gang trying to avoid Nick. As you know the underworld and its terrible inhabitants, a completely new element can emerge for Lilith’s story. While some, including Zelda and her congregation, can support Lilith, there will be creatures in Hell that will attempt to launch a rebellion against her.

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