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Chicago Man, 18, Booked For Killing Woman After Discovering She’s A Transgender

What the incidence is all about?

An 18-year-old Chicago man was turned down by the gang this week after he was accused of shooting a woman when he learned she was transgender.

A teen killed the woman when she told she is a transgender:

Prosecutors said Orlando Perez, a senior at Bogan High School, was so furious when Selena Reyes-Hernandez told her she was transgender that he left his Marquette Park apartment and returned with a gun about an hour later. He shot her in the head and back and fled, but “he kept seeing her face, so he did it again,” assistant state attorney James Murphy said at Doom’s hearing Tuesday.

The incident took place on May 31, and Perez was arrested on Sunday.

Perez hid his face with a mask:

Cook County prosecutors said video footage shows Perez and Reyes-Hernandez arriving at her apartment at about 5:30 a.m. and Perez leaves 20 minutes later. When he returns, Pérez was wearing a face mask and extends the slide of a gun as he approaches the house.

The man shot the victim multiple times:

Murphy said Pérez told the detectives he found Reyes-Hernandez’s door open and went in, shot her, and ran out. Then he came back and fired three more bullets at her lifeless body.

Prosecutors told the court Reyes-Hernandez attended a birthday party and drank at a friend’s house on May 31 and kicked a friend out around 5 p.m. before meeting Perez, who lived four blocks away from her, though there was no indication that they had known each other before. They met that morning, said the Tribune.

Perez told investigators he asked Reyes-Hernandez if she was a girl when they reached her apartment, and when she said she was transgender, he told her to go, sources reported.

Community members are helping officers in the investigation:

Chief Brendan Deenihan, of the Chicago Police Department, said community members are helping to solve the case, authorities said.

Prosecutors said police conducted a search warrant with Perez, where they found a 9mm pistol and bullets with ammunition mains matching cavities found on the spot.

Perez will appear in court on July 9.

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