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Chernobyl: Will The HBO Drama Return For Season 2?

Chernobyl is a famous TV show that is the result of a collaboration between HBO and Sky Atlantic. It then transmitted on all networks in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively. Craig Mazin, who is known for producing the second and third parts of Hangover films and The Huntsman: Winter’s War, is responsible for this series. The production is directed by Johan Renck, who worked on ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead.

If the show’s name does not imply clearly, the storyline will focus on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in April 1986, which ultimately became one of the worst human-made catastrophes of all time due to the consequences and damage caused. Yet Chernobyl takes a much closer look at the incident and attempts to reconcile the tragic events of this day.

There Won’t Be A Chernobyl Season 2

After the concept of Chernobyl Season 2 began to rise, Twitter, Creator Craig Mazin, announced that Chernobyl would not be followed up.

In a Tweet, Craig Mazin told his 150,000 followers that the final answer to the question ‘will be a Chernobyl season? ‘No.’ It is clear that a second season of Chernobyl won’t happen because the drama was thought to be minimal and close-ended.

Season 1 Was The End Of Nuclear Tragedy

In the run-up to the Chernobyl finale, series producer Craig Mazin removed the fog for the second season. Craig Mazin has finished his line of emotional tweets by tweeting that everyone on this team is proud to bring the ultimate episode to the world and that Chernobyl is for the families and perpetrators.

The catastrophic nuclear tragedy has been tracked in Chernobyl, which aired on HBO and Sky Atlantic from the very beginning to the end. The first episode of Chernobyl opened with the blast, and the later episodes showed the reaction of the Soviet Government, the last number of lives, and the final episode of the investigation and trial of Chernobyl.

Mazin also spoke about the relation between the two time periods. The 1986 times are not that different as they are now. Citizens from both ages face similar problems, but according to the author, the effects of behavior and events are just “worse.”

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