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Chemical Emergency Declared In Spain After Huge Chemical Explosion At A Plant

One person has been killed after a chemical explosion in Spain.

Chemical Emergency Declared

The explosion has killed at least one person on 14 January as a major chemical emergency is sparked in Spain.

Blazes ripped through the industrial region during a blast near Barcelona as emergency teams descend on the area.

The blast shook the Catalonian town of Tarragona, and local emergency services declared that it was a “chemical accident.”

Officials stated that four people were also injured and were being treated for majors burns, according to reports.

Videos showed flames going hundreds of feet into the air above the town.

The city has 3,000-acre of chemical facilities and “chemical hub,” ChemMed.

It is said that the Catalan Fire brigade has rescued three injured people.

20 Emergency Vehicles On Blast Site

About 20 emergency vehicles were at the site of the blast.

The emergency service said that no information was quickly available on possible deaths or wounds.

Residents shared footage showing the aftereffect of the blast with flames and black smoke billowing into the skies above.

Some residents of the town said that the explosion could be heard from miles away.

Tarragona is positioned 71 miles southwest of Barcelona, which is the regional capital of Spain’s Catalonia region.

The authorities have not released further information about the incident, and the investigators are investigating the case.

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