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Charlie XCX, New Album ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ Recorded Completely In Quarantine

Charli XCX publishes today “how I’m feeling now”, his new album made in confinement. The singer has again used the instrumental bases of her regular collaborators, including A.G. Cook of PC Music and Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, to create a brutal and futuristic pop album that follows the aesthetic line of his previous projects, ‘Charli‘ and the “mixtapes” ‘Number 1 Angel‘ and ‘Pop 2‘.

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how i’m feeling now ? the new album out now link in bio longest caption ever: heres an outtake from the album shoot. all these pics were taken by @huckkwong ? i just wanna take a second to say a huge thank u to all the people involved in the making of this album. this project was a total head rush; exhilarating & emotional from start to finish. i don’t think i’ve ever made an album in such a whirlwind where i’ve been so open & felt so constantly inspired & energized throughout. firstly thank you to all my fans for your constant support & generosity. your ideas & fingerprints are all over this album as much as mine. i couldn’t have done this without u. hugeeee thank you to @agcook404 & @beejburton for being the best & most inspiring producers in the world. working with both of you is a dream. i’ve loved every second. you’re both so ahead & fearless & totally understand & care about my vision. thank u to @dijondijon_ @dylanbrady @dannylharle @jimestack @eliteplin @palmistry_globe ? @geoff_swan thank u for pulling a 36 hour all nighter & absolutely nailing every single mix! thank u @jedskrzypczak for ur impeccable taste & your cool calm head in the face of my ridiculous requests & last minute ideas. thank u to all visual artists involved in this project: @sethbogartofficial @carolineplz @regards_coupables @naked_cherry @tmthy.luke @cwynars @polygon1993 @jonemmony @allisonzuckerman @dan.streit @angelasteps @studionari @charlie__chops & @daniedegrasse. thank u @bradleyandpablo for spying on me from afar (more on that later). thank u @huxley & @beautifuldigital for all ur hard work & expertise. thank u @brandoncreed for being our overlord & leader and to all the team at @atlanticrecords for trusting me & going with it! only fast releases from now on!! finally thank you to @sampringle @kvrowley & of course @huckkwong who i love endlessly. the 3 of you have been isolated with me, woken up to my stresses, panic attacks, hysteria & breakdowns but have still rallied around me and come to my rescue whenever i needed it. i am so proud of us & can’t wait for our 4 person rave tonight. ? love you all, enjoy this album ?

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The album talks about quarantine:

Despite being a “DIY” project, Charli considers ‘how I’m feeling now’ a studio album, and so it is being received by her followers, who celebrate the coherence of the sound and the fluidity of the sequence. In our forums, Diekirch predicts that it will be “a reference album” due to the circumstances in which it was created and published, since “it captures very well how we felt all these months”. Among the songs on the album that talk about quarantine is ‘c2.0’, which incorporates a portion of ‘Click’ and then a new stanza in which the British woman sings about “missing” her loved ones.

On the other hand, Llamarsernesto considers that “the best thing about the album was not in the singles”, that with ‘how I’m feeling now’ Charli “has found a new summit” and points out that, despite not saying anything especially new, “In the expansion of her sound, she is able to present three consecutive hits like party 4 u, anthems and visions, which is among the best she has ever done”.

This is considered as her best album:

In Popjustice the reactions are being very similar. Others are “tired” of this hyper-futuristic pop sound that Charli has been exploring for several projects, but the comments are mostly positive. Some already consider it her best album, underline the underlying “longing” in all the tracks despite their aggressive productions, highlight stylistic dares such as the garage of ‘i finally understand’ or the raver ‘visions’, and also that the album sounds like end freed from the commercial burden that has worried Charli so much in previous works.

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