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Captain Marvel 2: Who Will Return And What Will Be The Potential Storyline For It?

Carol Danvers’s stories of bravery have a long way to go as Marvel has confirmed that Captain Marvel will be returning for yet another film as well! While fans sure are super excited, let us look into the details of the upcoming movie and the new details.

Carol Danvers Will Be Back With A New Mission In Captain Marvel 2!

While Carol Danvers impressed fans with her first inception as Captain Marvel, the fearless superhero made her second big-screen appearance in Avengers Endgame, while she comparatively had a smaller role to play, she did some kick-ass action sequences! The film is loved by fans and will again see her coming back for another film confirmed by Marvel Studios.

What Can We Look Forward In The Sequel Movie? Have A Look.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the second film considering her ongoing fight with Yon Rogg and the Kree. A sequel film has been confirmed in the San Diego Comic-Con 2019, while production is reportedly under development from January onwards. However, the second film has been given a pretty kate release date that is in 2024, it is justified considering the studio has some other projects at their hands keeping them busy.

Along with the new film announcement, it was also revealed that the former writer and director are not returning to the sequel. Megan McDonnell is expected to pen down the script this time while the director’s place is yet to be disclosed. Fans can expect Nick Fury to be around and come forward with yet another challenging mission for Captain Marvel.

Is Monica Rambeau Going To Appear In Captain Marvel 2 As She Will In WandaVision?

Moreover, Monica Rambeau is reportedly going to appear in the upcoming Disney + series WandaVision. There is a high chance of her reuniting with her Auntie Carol in the second film as well. Carol might be looking forward to looking at a new Skrull home planet. This might be the new mission at hand in the sequel movie. So, while this might be the mission for the upcoming movie, a bad guy must also appear posing challenges, who is it gonna be, we wonder!

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