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Call of Duty Warzone: How Excessive Updates Could Be Lethal?

When you get something for free then you should not complain about it. The same thing is happening with Call of Duty Warzone currently as the game offers updates continuously.

However, a Recent update comprises of Call of Duty’s fourth season and its live yesterday. But that’s not the problem the real concern is daily updates game provides day today. So why it could be dangerous for the game.

Limiting Userbase

The regular updates tend to reserve more space and the users of the console getting annoyed with this move. However, it is reported that about 25000 users left the game and they don’t want to play the game as they fed up with regular updates. Call of Duty Warzone already exceeds 100Gb nowadays and the numbers tend to keep on increasing updates after updates.

Bugs and Hacking

Call of Duty Warzone has a larger user base due to its free availability and this tends to more malpractice in the game. Hacking and Aimbots are common in Warzone and some of them using such tools to know about the exact location of the enemies and they went on after them. Many users complained about self-revive kits after spawning which is next to impossible. And these updates don’t have any effect on them, however, it is speculated that hackers vs hackers happened but we are also ruled out that feature. And now Cross-platform is getting more complicated as consoles users have capped frames and whereas PC users have no limits.

Call of Duty Season 4 

Now Call of Duty season 4 just arrived and finally, we have something to talk upon, unlike other updates. There is an addition of new missions in maps like Trench, Scrapyard, and Barkett Promenade and these missions are specifically to these maps.  And as usual Battle Pass has its own benefits which are additional.

Whereas Warzone added some modes Jailbreak, Fire Sale and Supply Choppers.

Jailbreak is the advanced version of Gulag and it will begin from it since the opening. Players have to battle 1 on 1 to get into the Battle mode.

The Fire sale which gives a discount on sale items in Buy station. And the last one is Supply Chopper which provides high-quality gears when destroyed.

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