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Call of Duty Ghosts 2: When Can We Expect Its Release?

Call of Duty 2019 release broke all the records and made the franchise more impactful in first-person shooter competition. Black Ops 4 was not up to the mark, and WW2 didn’t make such an impact on the shooting section, whereas Battlefied ruled the world with its masterpieces.

Now Call of Duty along with Warzone already had such impact, and the absence of Battlefield makes it more interesting. So this could be the same case this fall too as Battlefield 5 was just teased in EA play, but it’s not confirmed yet. Call of Duty 2024 version is also rumored to be Black Ops 5, but what about Ghost sequel?

Every Call of Duty fan is counting on the next edition of the Ghost as the storyline ends with a cliffhanger. So don’t worry, we got every information regarding Call of Duty Ghosts 2.


If everything happened well with the franchise, then we could see the sequel of Ghost next year, and most probably, it would be the next one in the lineup. We are so sure about the fact as Call of Duty desperately needs the best title and wants to rule the world of shooting games just like they did with Modern Warfare Reboot release. So now, only Ghost 2 is the most exciting part of the franchise, so it could be a lethal weapon to kill the completion next year.

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Expected Release Date

It totally depends upon the confirmation, if the franchise confirmed the next edition then it will release next fall for sure. However, we only ruled out its release when there will be no plans for annual release, simply Call of Duty on break just like Battlefield.

Meanwhile, this year’s Call of Duty is in major doubt as we are certain that developers got the chance to fully focus on the game amid pandemic scenarios.

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