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California Gamer, 23, Drove All The Way To Texas So That He Can Kill Teen He Met Online

The murderer of a teen boy identified by the investigators

Authorities have identified a 23-year-old Californian who they believe traveled 3,400 miles round trip in 72 hours last month to kill another person he met via an online game, sources reported.

Flower Town police found 18-year-old Matthew Thane dead of a gunshot wound outside his home in the early morning of August 18 and began an investigation that led to the appearance of Alexander Frank Baro of Pleasanton, California, as a possible suspect.

The suspect killed himself too

Pleasanton officers, including a SWAT team and two Flower Hill detectives who had come to California to help, surrounded Baro’s home at around 11 pm. 19 August. Flower Barrow police said, “Baro committed suicide when the police tried to force him to leave his home.” Flower Hill police said on Friday that Baro was “the only suspect” in Thane’s death.

Police said Baro’s cell phone data linked him to the murder, as well as evidence gathered from his home. Last month, a Bay Area police officer said a suspect set fire to a propane tank near Thane’s home and shot him on his way out to investigate.

Investigators from California and Texas said it appears the two met in an online game, but are still looking for clues, including data on Thane and Baro’s gaming devices.

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