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Bruce Wills: 2 New Films Are On The Cards! See Here

Bruce Willis has signed a contract with three more films for “Three Emotion / Flash Movies”. “Dell Heavy” actors have already worked on 17 films in the production company.

George Furla wants to continue working with Wales now. The first joint project is “After Death,” and Jai King also appears.

There is a way when Willis lives. From the TV tab comics star to the ultimate man action movie hero. In the ’80s, a baby movie maker who talked about the $ 300 million soundtracks at the box office. And a way to throw it all out with crashes like Bonfire’s Vanas and Hudson Hawks. And it is one way to get them all back by launching 90s home recordings in Pulp Fiction.

Since then Bruce has continued his wild career, occasionally releasing at the right time to revive his image in an epic movie, with the Epic Blockchain, the muted comedy (Sixth Sense), the Twilight Kingdom, or the science-fascist epic. Arts. And with the Sixth Century Sense director, M. Night Night Shyamalan, to close the incorruptible tricycle in the mirror, we classify all Bruce Willis films at the Tomer another level.

Willis As A Forest:

In the film, she plays a woman who sees four people committing crimes in the forest. This time she fled to the abyss and reached a place in the woods – played by Wills. The second planned movie is a Hittman race legend playing Hollywood star with Til Schweiger.

The script is a corrupt government employee who wants to control a successful company. Finally, Willis will also appear in “The Fields of Death,” based on Rose Peacock’s original text.

Unpleasant Surprise :

The film tells the story of a police officer and two dangerous criminals marvelling at her farm and quietly lives.

“Murder plot” will be broadcast on the Cannes Virtual Film market. Speaking about his planned collaboration with Willis, Emm said: “I couldn’t be happier to continue my relationship with Bruce with three more films and more.” (Bang)

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