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Breaking Bad: What If Walter White Is Alive? Is A Reboot Possible?

One question has continuously been coming in the minds of the Breaking Bad fans about whether Walter White died at the end of the season? We are here to break all this confusion.

What Happened In The Season Finale?

In the ens of the Breaking Bad season finale in 2013, we saw Walt played by Bryan Cranston, going to a farewell tour. He left some clues over there. To financially set up his family, he went to Elliot and Gretchen and went to Skyler and Holly for the last time before poisoning Lydia. Walt also attacked the Next Nazi compounds with his machine gun, which was in his car. While Walt was taking one final walk in the Meth lab, Jessie somehow handles to escape from after that Todd hot strangled by Walt.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode and Cast Information - AMC

After that, we saw Walt getting hit by a bullet with him bleeding, and the series ended there. Since then, Walt was considered dead; however, many fans had questions in their mind. We can say his ending was purposely done this way to make the people ambiguous and curious. At the same time, this confusion has not been cleared yet by the Breaking Bad creator and has been purposely left like this.

Is A Reboot Possible?

The Reboot is likely to happen if Walt is not dead. And it becomes difficult to say about whether he died or not. Even if Walt had survived, it becomes difficult for the audience to think that Walt might have escaped by looking at the condition in which he was at that time. While, R.J. Mitte, the Walt Jr. The actor has stated that it might be possible that he is alive. Considering this, we can assume that a reboot may arrive if Walt turns out to be active and not dead.

The Breaking Bad second part is in speculations to have Cranston in it. It is expected by many of the fans that the sequel may be in the form of flashbacks, although Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, always has the intention to make Walt alive.

That’s it about now. We”ll be back with other information until we get confirmed updates. Till then, keep wondering and stay tuned.

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