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Breaking Bad: Creator Explained The Reason Behind Jesse Not Killing Walter In The End

The creator of the Breaking Bad series reveals the reason why Jesse doesn’t kill Walter in the end. Here is everything you need to know!

Breaking Bad as explained by the creator.

The last episode of the third episode, “Ozymandias”, is considered one of the best episodes in the history of dramatic television. However, not everyone loved every moment of Breaking Bad’s conclusion. Actor Brian Cranston called it the “perfect” ending. Throughout the series, Walter White made many terrible decisions, which began with his plan to make money through drug trafficking. He eventually becomes a rogue version of himself after suffering for money and power.

Breaking Bad: The Hidden Way Walt's Death Was Setup | Screen Rant
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But the final episode of the series, “Felina”, shows Walt how much he destroyed his world and the lives of his loved ones. He returns and apologizes to his wife Skyler, finally admitting that he is doing everything for selfish reasons. He then goes to the white supremacist compound to rescue his former partner Jesse Pinkman.

How did Breaking Bad end?

It’s true that the series finale of Breaking Bad gives the characters’ stories a much-needed closure. However, some critics point to the incident that Walt was manipulated with a rotating machine gun in the trunk of his car and successfully carried out all the Nazis while holding Jesse captive. Walt’s plan works miraculously. And maybe fans want it to work so much that they are ready to overcome Walt’s seeming impossibility in such a short amount of time, or not at all.

No one knows machine gun fighting better than show producer Vince Gilligan. He revealed that the story of the gun was the hardest to write because it was unavoidable after Walt bought the gun early in Season 5. Eventually, he came up with a machine gun in the trunk. Even if it doesn’t make sense, fans were quite excited that Jessie was murdered by Uncle Jack and his gang, running for the freedom of hitting the road that they just didn’t care.

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