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Boy, 6, Helped Father Call 911 After Robbers Brutally Killed Mother

A young boy managed to inform the officers about the killing of her mother

Last week, armed thieves shot and killed Indiana based mother and seriously injured her husband, while the couple’s six-year-old son watched from the back of his father’s truck.

Wilma and Jonathan’s son Hochstetler took his father’s cell phone after a brutal attack early Thursday to call emergency services.

A couple from Worthington – about an hour and a half southwest of Indianapolis – were working on repairing Jonathan Hochstetler’s working trailer at a construction site when two gunmen approached, robbed them, then shot them both and went Escaped.

The suspects robbed the couple on gunpoint

The Hochstetler family runs the family’s roofing and gutter business while Jonathan worked in Indianapolis. At the end of the day, a tire blew up on his trailer, so he sent his team back to Worthington in a truck while he was left to work on the trailer.

Wilma returned with a truck, a spare tire, and their 6-year-old son, Bradon. After changing the tire, they were about to leave, but they noticed a problem with the trailer headlights. While they were turning on the lights, two men arrived at the scene, drew their guns, and stole their wallets and Wilma’s cell phone from the couple.

The two started walking away, family friend Andrew Yutzi reported, then turned abruptly, “shooting point-blank at Wilma and then Jonathan.” Bradon was hiding in the back of a truck.

The woman was pronounced dead on the scene and her spouse was severely injured

Jonathan crawled over to the truck after the men left and called Bradon to get his cell phone, which was still in the truck. The boy did and Jonathan called emergency services.

The police arrived and found Wilma dead on the spot. Jonathan was shot in the neck and taken to hospital where he underwent surgery for the fusion of three vertebrae, said his father, Sam Hochstetler. Sam Hochstetler also said his son had broken jawbones in his face but is expected to make a full recovery.

In addition to Brandon, Hochstetler has three other daughters: Melissa, 16, Abigail, 14, and Kendra, 10.

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