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Bordertown Seaon 3 On Netflix: Release Date And Expected Plot

The thriller is followed by the lead researcher, Kari Sorjonen, moving with his family from Helsinki to a small sleepy village along the Finnish-Russian frontier, trying to escape the horrors of his profession and pursue some peace. However, the relief from suffering and the freedom from the terror of so many murders, which he desires, can not materialize.

What he discovers then is himself confronted by new killings and the possibility of a serial killer who may have a link with his father. The city is full of mystery, murder, and family drama. This Finnish series with English subtitles has had a total of 16 episodes for two seasons so far. In 2017, he received an Emmy for Outstanding TV Drama.

Bordertown is a world away from other Nordic Noir dramas, according to Lionel Uzan, MD and co-founder of the Federation Entertainment: not only does it focus on the darker side of things but it is also warm in series with the familiar dimension that it thrives on.

Release Date:

Finally, Bordertown got its global release date with the show debuting in Finland in December 2019. All 10 episodes of Season 3 are expected to be released globally on Netflix on 11 May 2024.

Cast Details:

The cast of season 3 will include:

  • Ville Virtanen as Kari Sorjonen
  • Matleena Kuusniemi as Pauliina Sorjonen
  • Anu Sinisalo as Lena Jaakkola
  • Lenita Susi as Katia Jaakkola
  • Kristiina Halttu as Taina Perttula
  • Olivia Ainali as Janina Sorjonen
  • Ilkka Villi as Niko Uusitalo

Plot Details:

The idea of the plot is clear enough, and the worst horrors always begin in such simple ways. Quirky, detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen of Queer, a renowned national officer of inquiry, is taking on a new role when his aunt, after a difficult battle, survives cancer in a sleepy border town.

To look into and solve the most heinous of crimes in Helsinki, he took up a job in the SECRI, the Serious Crime Unit, the tiny border town of Lappeenranta. Determined to enjoy a healthier, more straightforward, less complicated lifestyle so that he can spend quality time for his wife and daughter, he was soon foiled when tragedy strikes in the unimaginably short time in this Finnish-Russian region. He is drawn into a series of assassinations that undoubtedly relate to each other, but are also linked with his kin.

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