How to Choose the Best Slot Games

Whether you’re in a popular Thai live casino or playing online, the slots selection will likely borderline on overwhelming. Making it quite a task to choose the game you want to play. After all, it shouldn’t be completely superficial and only about the theme of the game. Since different slot games have unique features and even vary in how they pay out.

If you’re unsure what any of this means and why it matters when choosing the best slot game, then keep reading. In this post we’ll take you exactly how to choose the best game for your enjoyment. As well as your bankroll.

The House Edge


Every casino game has a different house edge that affects how much money the casino makes on it. Therefore, the more money the casino is making, the less players stand to gain. For example slots fall under the category of games with a high house edge. But for the few players that do end up winning, the payouts can be in the millions. Which keep them worthy of the popularity they have all over the world.

When choosing your slot game, there are also variations on the different house edges of the game. This is known as the Return to Player rate.

RTP – Return to Player

Every slot game has a rate known as the “return to player” which determines how much of the machine’s earnings goes back out as wins. Therefore, the higher the rate, the more you can potentially gain from the playing it.

Luckily, if you’re playing online, you already have a pretty decent RTP to look forward to. For instance, most reputable casinos will have a return to player of at least 96%.

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Game Features


Do you love certain features of a game but find others confusing? That’s common for most people since these days game developers are getting extremely creative with the in-game extras. If simplicity is what you’re after, then there is still an amazing selection of slots that fit these criteria.

Choosing by game features means you get to play the slots that have exactly what you’re looking for. The only thing you need to do is check the game description and choose accordingly. No need to fuss or play a game with complications that don’t appeal to you.

Variance AKA Volatility


The variance or volatility of a slot game is not how much it pays out but how often. This can be very hard to measure and isn’t usually readily available information. The only way to judge is by a game’s reputation of hitting winning combinations.

High-variance slots are games that rarely produce winning combinations. But when they do, the payouts are usually massive. Whereas low-variance games pay out much more frequently but in smaller amounts. You can choose either or, just think about what makes you feel happier. As well as how often you play. If you’re someone who plays often, then high-variance slots won’t feel as rewarding. But who could resist the chance to win big on a rare payout? It’s all a matter of what you find more enticing.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane