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Ben Affleck’s McDonald’s Monopoly Film Is Yet In The Development

Ben Affleck authenticates his McDonald’s Monopoly film, which reflects the real story, is still in works. McDonald’s Monopoly crime movie is based on the real story of ex-cop Jerry Jacobson’s implements of the legendary McDonald’s Monopoly play (where he theft $24 million), the movie was initially declared in 2018.

Cast And Crew

Affleck was arranged to direct, and Matt Damon was set to feature. 20th Century Fox gained an avid bidding battle that established Hollywood records, but few developments have been made on the movie in the early some of the years. By HBO catching the story in their McMillion$ documentary, some might have considered Affleck’s account had perished by the wayside. Nevertheless, it’s still very much active.

Talking with a source during the promotion of his latest film The Way Back, Affleck was questioned for updates on his McDonald’s film. Chalking things up to the characteristics of the previous year’s Disney/Fox deal, he said a fresh script outline is finished.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick ostensibly took the McScam screenplay, the pair best recognized for the Deadpool films. The duo’s sense of humor merged with Affleck’s abilities as a leader has the potential to give an excited and enjoyable crime movie, which is why cinephiles were amazed by McScam.

Affleck And Damon Stay Bound To The Movie

It’s reassuring to detect that Affleck and Damon stay bound to the movie, and expectedly it appears into success shortly. Depend on what Affleck’s telling, the party is presently in 20th Century/Disney’s court, and the production house will have to determine whether or not McScam be the go-ahead.

It’s worth considering Affleck and Damon are now filming Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel for the 20th Century, and Affleck is also starring in the studio’s next Deep Water, so Affleck is making some antiquity with 20th Century.

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