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Baki Part 4: When Will It Arrive On Netflix?

Baki Tv Series has been entertaining its viewers since the 90s. It is a famous Manga series that is being praised and applauded all over the world for its amazing storyline. Many similar series have been released by different makers that have secured a place in their viewers’ hearts.

Although Baki was loved from the beginning, the show gained even more popularity when it got associated with Netflix. The time when the world’s most extensive streaming channel started streaming this fantastic anime series, the show got even more popular among the viewers worldwide. The show has been running since 1991, but it got aired on Netflix in 2018 for the first time.

Are The Makers Coming Up With Baki Season 4?

The third season of Baki was released on June 4, 2024, n the streaming channel. The announcement of the release of the third season was made back in March 2024, and the show got released on June 4 amid the lockdown. Although the show primarily got released in Japan first and then all over the world.

Source: What’s On Netflix

Nothing has been announced whether fans would be able to watch all the episodes in one go, or the pattern would be different. It was also known that the makers would release one chapter in a week. Seeing this pattern, we can assume that the show would continue for a more extended period as it earlier contained 26 episodes in one season.

The show released on Japan with 26 episodes where the first half was released as Season 1 and the other half in Season 2. So far, 13 episodes have been released as Season 3 of the show, and we can expect the makers to release the remaining 13 episodes as Season 4 very soon.

Expected Release Date Of Baki Season 4

It would be too early to ask for the release date of the fourth season. No official information has been revealed by makers regarding the fourth season. Looking at the pattern of the show, we could not expect the makers to release the fourth season before 2024 end.

Plot Of Baki TV Series

The story revolves around a character Baki Hanma. He is very passionate about improving and perfecting his fighting skills so that he could be given a higher status than his father in martial arts. He is on a mission to improve his ability and achieve his ultimate goal.

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