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Australia Will Need At least 100 Years To Recover From Bush Fires Loss, Says Expert

Australia will take 100 years to heal from the destructive bush fires – and smoke from the massive infernos will be noticed all over the world, experts say.

Hundreds of fires have erupted across the country, leaving at least 28 people dead, damaging more than 2,000 homes and killing numbers of animals.

NASA stated that plumes from the fires are expected ‘to make at least one full circuit throughout the globe.’

NASA Comment

The space agency stated that smoke from fires around New Year’s Day has already been noticed in South America, turning skies “dark.”

NASA added that skies in New Zealand had “dramatically shifted color,” causing “severe air quality problems.”

By January 8, the smoke from the fire had moved “halfway throughout the world,” according to sources

But it will take Australia a century to get back to where we were before the fires, fire chief Mick Clarke said.

A Nasa spokesman said that the fires were so large they’d sparked an  “unusually big” which sends smoke rising as high as 11 miles into the stratosphere.

The space agency said that “Once in the stratosphere, the smoke can go thousands of miles from its origin, affecting atmospheric health globally.”

People in Melbourne on Tuesday suffered a second consecutive day of “hazardous” air quality Index.

More than 100 fires remain to burn in the east, but more relaxed forms in recent days and forecast rain have supported firefighting efforts.

The wildfires are believed to have killed off a third of Australia’s Koala population – whose numbers were already seriously low before the fires.

WWF Advised Government

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