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ATTENTION!!! US Military Space Force Unveils A New Flag After 7 Decades

Here is the breaking news to hear, the United States military service will thereby have a new official flag for its military service after 72 years. It is expected to have a symbol of its expanded mission to its outer space. From the recent reports, it is evident that the new flag of the United States is expected to get revealed on May 15th.

Further, the flag of the newly created space force is expected to present by the military leaders to the US President Donald Trump on the occasion of the signing ceremony for the year 2024 Armed forces day proclamation. The ceremony will be taking place in the Oval office as per the reports.

According to the data, a senior administrator said that a silver data symbol will be covered by the two constellations cast which is against the dark blue of outer space is going to be the feature of this new flag that is derived from the Space Force’s Seal.

Additionally, the flag takes the central and key elements of the seal and occupies them on a black field fringed in platinum with the words “The United States Space Force” with the roman numerals MMXIX below that represents the year 2019.

The new flag came while the five-month-old space force is looking for eligible active-duty personnel to apply while transferring them into the new service.

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