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Atlanta: Is FX Renewed Or Canceled The Comedy Series For Season 3?

Atlanta season 3 is also skipping the 2024 release date.

Here is all that we know about Atlanta and its third installment!

This news has come out back on Thursday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. During this, John Landgraf, the President of FX Network, revealed to the fans that the third season of this surreal comedy by Donal Glover probably is not going to air until January of 2024.

This news confirms the fact about the fourth season, which will be shot at the same time, that it is likely to premiere in Fall later that year.

However, this announcement does not come as a piece of sad news because season 3 has been expanded from eight episodes to ten.

Here is what might happen in the third season of Atlanta!

All the fans are well aware that it as been two years since we last checked in with Earn as well as the aspiring rapper. In the finale of the second season, the duo was bound for Europe with rising rapper Clark County who invited Alfred on tour with him.

It seems like Atlanta is going to pick up right where it ended because a significant amount of the third installment is being shot outside of the United States.

Although these plans might get affected a lot because of the current global scenarios. Everything, including the processes of production and development, has halted because of the health crisis the world has indulged in. No one knows when these are going to start, but fans hope that it is soon.

Fans are already wondering about the plans of FX beyond season 4, and here is what we know!

The network has expressed zero plans that they might have in mind for Atlanta beyond the fourth season, which is going to have eight episodes in total. However, there are facts and other stuff to which FX is quite open.

This show, Atlanta, excels in the genre of comedy. Glover has created it, and he stars in the lead role. Atlanta also includes Lakeith Stanfield as well as Zazie Beetz.

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