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Asteroid Update: A Massive Asteroid Flied Past Through Earth And Moon But No One Noticed

There are many space agencies all across our planet that continuously keep a watch on the asteroids that can come very close to our planet. But this time, everyone failed in keeping a track on a massive asteroid that passed through the distance between Earth and Moon.

Asteroid Was Not Traced And Left Unnoticed

The asteroid that has been dubbed as 2024 LD, just flew past through Earth and Moon. This asteroid reportedly swung by on June 5, but the scientists and researchers came to know about this on June 7. Isn’t it terrifying?

As per the information received from the sources, this asteroid is around 122 meters wide in diameter. With this vast size, this asteroid is nothing less than the size of five whales that are considered the world’s largest mammals.

Asteroid Travelled At A Speed Of 60,820MPH

Another shocking thing related to this asteroid is that it came very close to our planet on that day. Even a small impact of this asteroid would have caused very large destruction in the neighboring area of the impact site. Its effect would have lead to the loss of our ecosystem. As per the sources, the asteroid was traveling at a speed of 60,820 miles per hour that made it even more deadly.

As per a source, this is the most massive asteroid that has come very close to our dear planet Earth but was left unnoticed by the space agencies. It was also said that 2024 LD is not a typical close-passing asteroid. Again, it is the most notable space rock to have moved within the moon’s orbit after 2011.

NASA’s CNEOS Termed This Asteroid As Near-Earth Object

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has described this asteroid as a NEO (Near-Earth Object). NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Objects has always revealed information of asteroids that can come very close to our planet and become a potential threat.

NASA’s CNEOS has been keeping track of such asteroids for many years. It has so far described thousands of asteroids and has termed them as ‘Potentially Hazardous’ space rock because of their close vicinity.

While NASA has always said that chances of asteroids hitting our Earth is one out of 300,000, still an asteroid impact would be hazardous for our planet.

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