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Arthur Darvill Will Mark His Return As Rory In Doctor Who Audio Spin-Off

Rory’s back! But this time he’s alone. Because he would have been waiting for thousands of years for a prison box, but he was secretly taken by Benny Finish’s new Doctor Who voice series, the owner of the Big Pond (and once a Roman centurion/plastic alien warrior). In the latest instalment of Dr Mann’s TV drama, which is set in the latest instalment of “Modern,” Phenicia announces that the latest addition to Arthur Darvill is as Rio Williams (born Pune Pond).

It was set up in the period between “Pandoran Oh,” and “The Big Bang,” by David Llewellyn, Sarah Ward and Jacqueline Rayner. At that time, after a few deaths, he actually became an independent substitute as part of a grand plan to stop Rory destroying the entire universe (God, Doctor Man, for a second!). The Doctor is back in Pantorca to rescue Amina from becoming his wife.

Rory the Roman returns in 'Lone Centurion' Doctor Who audio spinoff
Source: Nerdvana

But these are not rumours that the Roman Ottoman has been in a giant prison for 2,000 years. Turning around, the Real Center sees a citizen doing something spectacularly ripe, managing to misrepresent the great cube that he promised to protect. Trying to find Pandorini will see the Lone Centurion’s current mythology as Rome travels the world to relocate the world, as one would do.

It’s fun when an actor wants to do more, but I knew he would worry about re-visiting Rio and upsetting an established heritage, which is the “only centurion”.

These stories allow us to explore new characters while still being honest on-screen in the centuries that Pandagoni is reopening. As soon as I started giving Arthur, I realized I was on the winner.

I guess when I’m in Rome! Launched in May 2024, A second vote will be issued after July 2024.

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