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Anne With An E: Season 4 Campaign Crosses 1 Million Signatures

Anne with an E has now crossed a new achievement of surpassing 1,000,000 signatures among the marketing campaign, which was led by its fans for the revival of the season 4. Now, this marketing campaign has turned into the most critical battle ever to renew a season of Netflix’s show.

The very first season of Anne with an E was launched in March 2017. The previous season was released in January 2024. After the release of the third season, both Netflix and CBC didn’t announce anything about the renewal of Anne with an E. This let the fans of this show start a marketing campaign about the revival of this show.

Anne with an E Revival?

There are very few shows where the viewers get so much attached to everything in the show other than just the entertainment. One such show is Anne with an E. The fans got so much connected with the show that they started a petition for the revival of this show because the creators didn’t announce anything regarding the future of Anne with an E.

Anne With An E Season 4

The Petition for Anne with an E Season 4

The petition to continue the story of Anne with an E has now crossed 1,000,000 signatures and is still moving forward very actively. This is a good chance for Netflix to renew the show for the fifth season as they now know that the show will get an outstanding response in terms of the viewership. Until now, there is still no news whether the creators are looking for the revival of Anne with an E or not.

After season 3, the creators announced that the show has now ended, it will not be continued for more seasons. But the fans left with heartbreak. This has turned out to be a piece of very heartbreaking news for the fans.

But as the fans have crossed the petition with more than 1,000,000 signatures and we may soon get to see the views of Netflix on this petition. If you have also signed the petition, you are one of those who have crossed 1,000,000 signatures, but if you have not signed it yet, you can also sign it from here.

We will update you about the renewal status of Anne with an E, till then stay tuned.

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