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‘Anne With An E’ Fans Demand Revival! Biggest In History Of Netflix

You must have seen fans going mad over their favorite celebrity. These days, you must have also witnessed fans becoming mad to watch their favorite TV series or a movie. But I am sure you would not have seen madness like that of the supporters of ‘Anne With An E.’

More Than 600,000 Signature!!!

Yer, you heard that right. A campaign has started by the fans of the ‘Anne With An E’ for the revival of the next season of the show. The campaign has so far got more than 600,000 signatures that include fans from all over the world who are demanding the revival of the show. This campaign has become the biggest ever campaign on the streaming channel, Netflix’s history.

How Many Seasons Do We Have So Far?

The makers of this fantastic show have so far released three seasons, the last season aired on the streaming channel in January 2024. Since then, both CBC and Netflix have failed to renew the show for its fourth season.

The show began back in 2017 with its first season, and since then, the show is winning hearts of everyone who is watching it. Even if we talk about the third season that released in January 2024, the show was nominated for 17 different awards.

Campaign With Billboards On The Streets

It’s not just signatures that have made this campaign the biggest in Netlfix’s history. In many streets, fans have even used billboards in New York’s Times Square to get the new season of their favorite show.

Fans have also shared their wish to see the next season of their favorite show back on Netflix. Here is an image that shows the signatures that the campaign has got so far.

Source: What’s on Netflix

Can We Expect The Makers To Produce Season 4 of ‘Anne With An E’ 

Although the show is canceled by both CBC and Netflix, we can still expect the makers to come up with the fourth season considering the massive demand by fans. It has been seen earlier when the makers of the TV shows and movies have come up again with the canceled shows and films for the sake of their fans. We can expect the same in this case.

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